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Frequently Asked Questions about Tarmac and Asphalt Driveways

Q How much does a tarmac driveway cost?

As tarmac is produced from by-products of the oil industry, the cost of this material fluctuates based on current world oil prices. The price also depends on the number of tarmac layers (whether you are laying it over the existing driveway or over the bare ground), the total area of the driveway (the width x the length of the driveway), type of finish you require, types of curbing etc.. Please call for a no obligation quote

Q Got my house tarmacked a short while ago by “reputable” firm. Last week I saw a lump rising through it and this morning I see a green leaf coming up. Why is this happening?

A: For a weed to come true tarmac that early it is probable your contractor did not treat the driveway properly for weeds. We always treat the driveway with a proprietary weed and moss killer prior to laying tarmac or asphalt, so this situation would never happen with tarmac laid by us.

QHow soon can I drive on a new tarmac driveway?

We would recommend to not drive on the new tarmac for at least 24 hours.

Q Can tarmac be laid on top of the existing tarmac driveway?

A: it all depends on how bad the existing tarmac is. If it is a solid foundation then yes, but if it has degraded too far with cracks and ravelling edges then no it has to be taken up to give a solid base to start again.

Q What materials do you use?

A: We get our supplies from some of the top quality suppliers in Ireland including, Roadstone, Harringtons, Mcgraths of Cong, Kilsarn, and Tobermore.

Q Can a driveway be patch repaired to make good minor damage?

A: It would depend on the overall condition of the driveway and what caused the damage. If part of the driveway has sunk or developed ridges due to a badly compacted or missing underlay, then no. If it was accidental damage then probably yes. To avoid a “patched look” you should get the whole driveway power cleaned and sealed with a hot industrial bitumen sealer this will both make the driveway look like new again and prolong its life.

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